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. >> news just in an explosion has been heard and white smoke has been spotted at japan's quake hit the number one nuclear plant. it happened saturday afternoon. it comes according to local news agency in japan. it comes after earlier reports that one japanese power plant is in danger of a nuclear meltdown. second plant being watched very closely. that is according to nuclear safety commission. almost 14,000 people living near the plants have been evacuated but according to the state broadcaster, officials say there is no need to extend the evacuation area, not at this point anyway. these plants are losing their ability to cool nuclear materials. that is the problem and what is leading to these potential meltdowns and it comes after the 8.9 quake and radiation levels have been detected at eight times the normal level outside one of the facilities. so we'll continue to watch that. >>> meanwhile, powerful aftershocks, a 6.8 just a few hours ago. joining us on the phone, is harrington peyton, a teacher that lives near the area. she feeling some of those major aftershocks. harrison, tha
. a professor from the tsunami research center in japan does these along with another professor at eri japan. we have seen a lot of those simulations that they have done. kenji's simulation was famous after the sumatra earthquake. but to see something like this really happen in realtime is really a first, to be honest with you. i don't know of anything like this at all. >> as i said earlier, this is the fifth most powerful earthquake in recorded psychological history which goes back 70 years. so you are not going to see anything like this. maybe every couple decades or so. we didn't have the kind of technology when these things occurred preif jusly and even in sumatra which wasn't that long ago, people were not as prepared as japan is as technologically to display this. this is a first. >> john, thank you so much. we are going to come back to you again. you have been great through all of this. we have been talking to you for the last couple hours. right now let's go to fox news meteorologist. we want to hear a little more about the tsunami warning, particularly the one in affect for hawaii that
continues in just a moment but this is a fox news alert concerning crippled nuclear reactors in japan a larming reports on radiation seeping into japanese food and water supplies crisis at the tsunami and earthquake crippled nuclear plant appears to be stabilizing. here is david piper in tokyo. >> reporter: hi, geraldo. rideo active iodine has been detected in tap water, authorities say it's within acceptable safety levels. radio active part cells have begun to enter the food chain here, spinach and milk produced in the plant tested positive and have been banned from sale. there has been one positive tellment -- development from attempts to cool those overheated reactors engineers say they've attached a power cable to the outside of the plant this, could be crucial. if they can power up power systems it can help in cooling reactors. they'll try to get water pumps working as the second reactor then move on to other three remaining in danger of melting down. a japanese government spokesman says there is now stable saigs at the stricken number three reactor. this is important, is that th
nature. looking at the devastation from my cozy apartment, i can only think there was someone in japan doing the same thing when the quake hit, sitting at home and drinking tea in boxers and then it is over. disaster rarely calls ahead. we are all vulnerable to the whims of catastrophe and there is little wisdom to be gained from it other than information for future planning. we all know life is precious, but it is also a sentence featuring novel methods of mayhem. and the tragedy in japan only added another exclamation point. you would think there are no winners in this tragedy, but you are wrong. if there is one man who is smiling broadly throughout it has to be qaddafi whose own cruel behavior has been lost in all of the grim tsunami coverage. his viciousness buried under too many other stories of suffering. if there is anything to be gained by this terrible weekend is that someone may send a drone to tripolli and we can blame it on the weather. >> so does france now wear the pants while bagram dons the frock? while america does nothing, france is the first to recognize it as a legi
survey shows the u.s. has higher global approval ratings than china, russia, japan, france, and germany who i was surprised 20* hear were all still countries. every year gal lop asks people whether they approve of the performance of the leaders of the u.s. and six other unimportant nations. 25% disapproved and 21% did not know how to speak. germany was second followed by france and japan and russia's 27%. america's ranking is much higher than it was under the evil bush-hitly regime. in 2008 we ranked 6th proving once again that barack obama is the greatest president in the history of the world. perhaps the iewners have. -- universe and whatever con tans the universe and whatever contains that. isn't that right cat who snores like a human? >> i would have to move to the second bedroom. i bet you are going to tell me how great it is for americans to be popular. >> maybe there is somebody around this table who can bring up the ratings to over 50%. i'm sure you could lead the way. >> i would never announce the candidacy on "red eye." >> no, you wouldn't. >> are we better off now that we are
that is happening in japan but the cultural difference in japan and demur and humble like anthony said, there is meltdown. >> i would never put those things together. you have to have, everybody is talking about the quake. you got to talk about this stuff. i'm sure, this is fun because i think this woman is -- this girl is kind of like a consumer advocate because she showed everyone how music is a scam. she showed the technology can turn anything to music. >> she is going to step out of that and back to obscurity. thank you everybody. she is going to override this thing and her mother who got her into this is going to be the typical stage mother. >> i think the real issue, there will be cyber bullies, if you put something out there on the internet you are going to get attacked. but the mother allowed this kid, she is protective and got to shield her. somebody needed to talk to that journalist that interviewed her. they were exploiting the cyber bullying. >> they need some level of protection. >> she was actually reading. >> and cyber bullying they shouldn't have been reading those twee
in the east because we needed to knock japan out of the war. america screws up. basically what you are saying is you will not be ebbs -- exceptional. and dillon, quote, when you are hired of yoorz and all of your creations, that applies to america. we don't believe we can do it -- >> we can't we have no revolution left in us. >> i love this country. >> i have to say, all i want out of this, jill, is to have qaddafi killed. i don't care about anything else simply because of the lockerbie thing. we can't do anything to him because we say it is urgent and then undecided it makes me sad. >> it is sad. i would love to rush in there and stop the problem. we may get in there and get stuck. we haven't shown we can just be the hero. >> what if we have to solve the problem? >> do they know they want democracy? i don't think they do. to add to andy's comment last night, how do we know these rebels are not the same guys that were cheering the lockerbie bomber when it came off the plane. i say let them deal with it. we can spare a drone. >> does it get worse than muammar qaddafi. >> egypt worked out fine.
and catastrophe in japan and a budget battle in the u.s., his priorities are screwy. but there is more. on saturday obama hade his 873rd outing to the golf course as president. on friday he took time out to honor last year's stanley cup champion. and then he celebrated women's history month on his radio show and built the giant sandcastle. and then there was the ice sculpture he built for the wa b i scu t. eck itut mda hticipated i a hot dog eating contest. i guess he is in the back there. he won handily. you can say it has been a busy week for captain perfect. i didn't even mention the bear wrestling, but then again i guess i just did. should obama leave these childhood distractions? or is commander awesome allowed to have a life when there is so much strive? let's ask the action brothers gary and barry of the no help there because they are very busy. very busy indeed. you have the budget and libya. you have all of the stuff going on. you have to use the acro anymore, itwb, if it were bush, would people be raising hack kills? >> it would be a death come cackle. -- hackle. what is amaz
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8